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fleeting words on Eddie at radio City

Almost 24 hours after seeing Eddie Izzard return to Manhattan as part of his Stripped tour I find I can't rightly say much about the show other than it was very funny. He began by comparing his first gigs here in an 80 seat venue with Radio City ten years later. "I should have been here sooner but decided on the scenic route". He then went on to talk about being back on the coast, and being out of the South where people mused about his long talks about God.(The show if full of questions for and about God and intelligent design-"intelligent design? Why do we poo?"). He talked about politics saying several unkind things about George W and some kind words about Obama. And then he proceeded to once again dive into history and science criss crossing everything under the sun. The best part was that he was clearly here and in the moment. He reacted to things happening around him and would riff on what ever struck him. It was like watching him at the old Westbeth shows almost 10 years ago when he would ramble through several set pieces for the better part of three hours. This was over two solid hours and it never lagged (The union square show in February lagged). It was the sort of thing that I'd like to talk about but he was so full of jokes and ideas that you can't really talk about it since there was simply too much to take in. or remember. Its also the type of show where you hold off laughing because you are so hanging on his every word you don't want to miss anything. It was probably (a close) third best of the shows I've seen him.

The problem with the evening was that ultimately as grand as it is to play Radio City it was just way too big. Sitting in the back of the orchestra I could see Eddie and his face but couldn't see all his expressions clearly. The result was that I was watching the screens that hung on either side of the stage-and which were slightly delayed compared to what was happening on stage. Eddie was aware of the delay and made jokes about it,

Over all it was great and wonderful and the really pissy thing is that even if we get a recorded version of this all of the adlibs from the tour will be lost to time- so please go see him if you get the chance so that there is some sort of living record of the madness.

(Subjects covered: great escape, oxen,python, vegetarianism, his old shows, the riches, (to be continued)
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