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John Fogerty at South Street Seaport

A free concert-I only realized it was going down thins morning and hemmed and hawed about going---and then bit the bullet and went.
Meeting up with Lucy Anne who was having a abd day, we went to dinner then walked to the seaport where we stood waiting for the concert to start. A few minutes before it did some guy dressed in black cam walking by about five feet away- It was Fogerty looking like Johnny Cash.

A few minutes later he started playing with Linda Ronstadts's When will I Be loved. I walked Lucy to Brookstone before heading back to the concert which was very crowded.

He played lots of Creedence- and I either missed Down on the Corner or he didn't play it.

Everyone was singing Centerfield which he played on a guitar shaped like a bat.

He did a wicked good cover of John Denvers's Ain't it good to be Back Home Again.

His Fortunate Son had everyone screaming.

He alternated Bad Moon and Bathroom (pointing to the right) in the lyrics

I Loved Looking out My Back Door.

I loved Rock and Roll Girls

And you can't believe how loud a crowd can sing and how spastic white people can be then what happened during Proud Mary.Who needs to talk in tongues. (actually there was lots of white guys proving they can't dance tonight)

Excellent concert
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